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About Vegetable, Mineral, & Latigo Leather2017-05-14T07:53:55+00:00

Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in vegetable matter, tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits, and roots. Color of the tanned hide is brown. The shade of brown depends on the color of the hide and the tanning components. Vegetable tanned hides can be dyed and tooled.

Mineral tanned leather is tanned with yes, minerals. Mineral tanning is used on many soft supple, garment weight leathers like we use in lining.

Latigo leather is bovine leather that is combination tanned. First it is chrome tanned, then it is vegetable tanned. This leather is exceptionally strong and durable. Originally used for horse gear such as reins, stirrups, tie downs and lace. After tanning, sides are drum dyed, then dipped in hot oils and waxes then hand rubbed to a beautiful finish.

How to Measure “Curious” Harness2017-05-14T07:57:44+00:00

Before you measure define where you want the front ring (green dot on diagram).

Measurement A: From center of front ring, around your neck to center of front ring.
Measurement B: Circumference of your waist (or where you would like to wear the harness).
Measurement C: The dotted line on the diagram, center of front ring to where you took the waist measurement.

How to Measure “Serious” Harness2017-05-14T08:00:45+00:00

Before you measure, define where you want the rings (green dots on diagram) both front and back (they should be level with each other).

Measurement A: Center of front ring over your shoulder to center of back ring.
Measurement B: Center of front ring around body/chest to center of back ring.
Measurement C: Center of front ring to center of cock ring (optional).

Leather & Edge Colors2017-05-17T19:52:13+00:00

Leather Colors

Black, Grey, Brown, Purple, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Red, Orange, Fuchsia, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Pearl

Edge Colors

Yellow, Light Brown, Red, Green, Pink, White, Turquoise, Gloss Black

Can I let someone else use my collar and cuffs?2017-04-13T10:00:47+00:00

Hey, they are yours, do what you want! Seriously though, I prefer to have a personal set for each member of the play party. Bacteria, sweat and other bodily fluids shouldn’t be shared without consent. I wouldn’t want to be wondering what’s on this collar…(?) but that’s just me! Sharing gear between you and your partner is one thing, but with someone else, well thats something totally different. Really it’s up to you and that someone else.

~ Lori Jo

How do I clean my leather?2017-04-13T10:03:39+00:00

For most leather products, cleaning and conditioning is essential, whether it is your messenger bag or your bondage gear. Saddle soap is a great place to start. Glycerin spray or paste. Follow the directions on the soap you are using. Let your leather completely air dry after. Leather naturally contains oils, and cleaning with soap removes these oils, so replace them after cleaning. Mink oil works well. There are many other hide rejuvenators out there too. I like Dr Jacksons hide rejuv, but your gear is a little “oily” the next time you use it. Pigment can leach with oil application so keep that in mind. Another warning is cleaning and conditioning will darken your leather. Of course, on black thats not a problem. If your leather is another color, test any and all products you are planning on using in an inconspicuous spot first. Ultimately, clean leather is healthier even if it darkens a bit.

Sweat build up on the flesh side (inside) of leather can get pretty stinky. I clean mine with saddle soap and a soft bristle finger nail brush. Letting it completely air dry after. If you have leather lined gear, nix the brush.

~ Lori Jo

What’s the difference between the Latigo Set and the Veg Tanned Set?2017-04-13T10:04:13+00:00

Just the leather used. Some people prefer the feel and history (developed for and used in horse tack) of latigo over veg tanned. Others prefer to have their gear a specific color, or to have words or images pressed or carved into their gear. Both will perform equally well in any BDSM application so it’s really what you like better. Veg offers a myriad of color choices, while latigo is traditionally burgundy or black. Veg can be buffed to a glossy shine, while latigo has a more satin finish. I like them both. Both the Veg Tanned and Latigo Sets are priced the same, so it’s all about what you want!

~ Lori Jo

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