Reckless Leather, where everything is custom made to fit you and your style!

Doing custom work has it advantages, including you getting to help design what you want. The hard part is showing you examples. We’ve created several “stock” items to give you an idea of styles and pricing, but the end product is up to you! Let your imagination loose! Contact me via the contact page & let’s talk about what you want within the realm of leather gear!

~ Lori Jo McFarland, Leather Smith ~

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We have mastered our game, with superior quality BDSM gear. Now it’s your turn.

Reckless Leather was born out of my deep craving for her to not only remain on her knees, but to look exquisite on her knees. Quality leather gear for real people, every item made in the Reckless dungeon is custom tailored to your tastes and preferences. You know you want to see him cuffed to the bed. She needs to be harnessed and paddled. Your imagination can go wild! 

The desire to push public boundaries led to the creation of the “curious” line of leather goods. Expression of this edgy side to the bewilderment of the vanilla, is fun. The collar she wears to dinner, the cuff he has wrapped around his wrist. While this curious line is a bit more delicate and with less hardware, it is still beautifully functional. After all, we are never playing Spanish Inquisition (unless you want to).

With the incessant begging of my peers for the same quality BDSM gear I had, the “serious” side of Reckless Leather is now available to you. Beefy, tough and artistically designed leather with lots of hardware, these items are for those that do not like to pretend and are not just role-playing; we can craft the perfect compliment to your perfect fantasy, whatever it may be.

With almost 50 years of leathersmithing behind us (McFarlandLeather.com), we at Reckless Leather offer not only quality custom gear, but information and education as well. Feel free to read over the 101 introduction, ask questions on our Q&A page, and explore both curious & serious topics in our Article feed. & of course, browse our shop and play safe with our wares!


Lori Jo McFarland, Leather Smith

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